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Oriola and Astellas investigated real-life treatment of overactive bladder in Finland


The study on real-life utilization of mirabegron in treatment of overactive bladder was conducted by Oriola´s Farenta expert services in collaboration with the Astellas. The recently released results describe, for the first time, treatment persistence, symptom improvement and change in the quality of life seen in Finnish patients treated with mirabegron.

The real world data for the study was collected directly from patients through Oriola´s network of research pharmacies in Finland. Based on the results, the treatment persistence in Finland is high when compared to previous Nordic studies of anticholinergic drugs and over half of the patients continued to use mirabegron at 6 months after initiation. It is important to be mindful of differences in design and setting of the studies [1-3].

Patient counselling plays an important role in supporting the persistence of treatment. Younger patients benefited more from treatment comparing to elderly patients. The results were published in the Investigative and Clinical Urology in January 2019 by Päivi Rahkola-Soisalo form the University of Helsinki, Tomi Mikkola from Folkhälsan Research Center, Jarno Ruotsalainen and Marcin Balcerzak from Oriola. Read more about the results here.

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