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Oriola and Orion continue close cooperation


Oriola and Orion have signed a new distribution agreement on 28 August 2019. According to the agreement, Oriola continues to provide warehousing and distribution services for Orion’s human and veterinary pharmaceuticals in Finland. The long-term close cooperation of the two Finnish companies will continue to ensure quality and timely logistics of pharmaceuticals to support the healthcare in Finland.

“The demanding and strongly regulated pharmaceutical logistics is at the core of Oriola’s competence, which we now offer to Orion’s use. We have developed our operations to respond to the constantly growing and changing pharmaceutical market. We want to secure good medicine availability in Finland,” says Oriola’s President and CEO Robert Andersson.

Orion is a Finnish pharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and marketing human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The wholesale value of Orion’s human pharmaceuticals in Finland was approximately 270 million euros and market share of the Finnish pharmaceutical market approximately 11% in 2018 (source: IQVIA).

“We are happy that our long-term cooperation with Oriola will continue. Our goal is to develop our activities together for the benefit of our customers. Listening the customers and helping them with high quality operations is the best way to succeed in this,” says Janne Maksimainen, Head of Region Finland at Orion.

Oriola is responsible for nearly half of pharmaceutical distribution in Finland. It delivers pharmaceuticals for pharmacies, hospitals as well as other healthcare operators all over Finland. Additionally, Oriola sells and markets health and wellbeing products as well as veterinary pharmaceuticals and products for pharmacies, veterinaries and other retail operators.