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Oriola ranked high in a diversity report FINDIX


Oriola shared the fourth place in the FINDIX report that assessed diversity of company management and board of directors among Finnish companies. Stora Enso, Finnair and Rovio received the highest scores, and Paulig, Stockmann, Terveystalo and Yleisradio shared the same rank with Oriola.

The FINDIX report assessed diversity through five variables among management and board of directors: gender and age variation as well as educational, industry specific professional and international background. These variables are identified as promoters of diversity in the Finnish Corporate Governance Code that came to effect in 2016 and is maintained by the Securities Market Association.

"We are very proud of our result in the report. As an employer, we want to promote diversity throughout the organisation, and we have a very balanced age structure among our employees, for example,” says Teija Silver, Vice President, Human Resources.

The diversity report compared management and board of directors in 89 companies. The information from the companies was collected during 1 November 2018 and 31 January 2019 from public sources, such as websites and annual reports.

The FINDIX report was published for the first time. In the future, it will be published annually with the aim of offering useful information to companies’ management, investors, employees, decision-makers and other stakeholders.

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Tuula Lehto, Group Communications Director,

Findix press release (in Finnish)