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Oriola takes part in the Say no to corruption campaign


Oriola takes part in the Say no to corruption campaign initiated by the Finnish Ministry of Justice. The target of the campaign is to increase knowledge of the corruption and its prevention. The campaign reminds that in Finland, corruption can occur for example in the form of conflicts of interest and unethical preparations in decision-making as well as nepotism or favouritism.

Oriola is committed to fighting bribery and corruption through its Code of Conduct, which outlines the ethical principles concerning our work. The Code of Conduct represents Oriola’s company culture, which is based on law, good corporate governance, openness, fairness and confidentiality.

“Together with our values, our Code of Conduct lays the foundation for everything we do. It explains the key principles that apply to all our businesses, and each employee is expected to commit to them. To ensure this, we are training our employees with the Code of Conduct principles. Today, over 2,000 of our employees have completed the online training,” says Oriola’s CEO Robert Andersson.

Read Oriola’s Code of Conduct here.

For more information of the campaign, please visit the campaign website (in Finnish)