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Turning Trends into Healthcare Business Opportunities


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Business is going digital and so is Oriola. In addition to the advantages that the digitalisation brings along, there is still a special place for personal meetings. For us, inviting our customers to our annual Orioladagen event in Sweden, is a highlight. During this one special day, professionals that focus in supporting health and wellbeing, gather together to network and gain new ideas with us.

This year our key note speaker was Henrik Larsson Broman. He challenged us to reflect on how trends affect our businesses and how we can turn trends into business that support health. During his presentation he enlightened us and talked about the prevailing five super trends; happynomics, gamification, personification, tribalisation and economic altruism.

One of the trends Oriola is focusing on is “Happynomics”. We strongly believe that by focusing on delivering an outstanding customer experience we will succeed. We are committed in supporting our customers’ success and thus health for the patients’ lives and wellbeing.

The Oriola sustainability work tics both the Happynomics and Economic Altruism boxes. We strive to have happy employees that can be proud of the work and impact we have on society. Also, our mission in bringing sustainable products and solutions to our customers helps us to grow sustainably together with our customers.

Looking forward to inspiring meetings with you, digitally and in our next Orioladagen 2020.

Fredrik Pamp, Marketing & Sales Director BA Pharma and Katarina Gabrielson, VP BA Retail.