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Coronavirus is changing ways to get medicines from pharmacies


Due to the coronavirus, it has been recommended that risk groups and people with any symptoms of illness avoid visiting pharmacies. Instead, people have been encouraged to order their medicines online or authorise someone else to pick up their medicines from a pharmacy. In Oriola’s Kronans Apotek pharmacy chain in Sweden, use of authorisation increased by 100% among customers aged over 70 years. 

Pharmacies have been under pressure during the last month when demand for pharmaceuticals has peaked due to the coronavirus. Authorities’ instructions to avoid close contacts have got many consumers to try out new ways of getting their medication and other products from pharmacies. 

At Kronans Apotekthis has been seen in high increase in getting medicines with authorisation on someone’s behalf. Picking up medicines for someone else increased by 50% overall and by 100% among customers aged over 70 years during March compared to February. 

It is very positive that many people are now using online store and authorisation to minimise the risk of getting the virus or passing it on. I encourage everyone to think if they can help their parents, neighbours or other people who need assisting to get their medication,” says Anders Torell, VP, Business Area Consumer. 

Kronans Apotek offers its customer a mobile app where authorisation can be easily given, among other things. During March, also app downloads have increased. In total, the app now has nearly 200,000 users.