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High blood pressure or hypertension – medical translations must serve the target audience


Medical texts are challenging and require expertise from the translator. Often, the translations are also needed on a tight schedule. Oriola's translation team specialises in medical texts and can provide you with high-quality medical translations into all Nordic languages, saving time and resources in the translation process.

Medical translations often have challenging timelines. When translating product information texts, for example, the strict deadlines imposed by the authorities must be adhered to. Translations may also be needed quickly due to the publishing schedules of marketing materials.

“We can provide translations into all Nordic languages from one source text, if needed. This speeds up the translation process and also ensures that the translations are consistent with each other,” says Lotta Holmström, Translations Team Lead at Oriola.

Quality at the heart of the translation process

Medical translations are needed for various purposes, including product information texts, websites, marketing materials and patient guides. Often, translations must also adhere to detailed guidelines: for instance, product information texts must follow the QRD template.

“The authorities require fluent high-quality translations that are faithful to the source text. We are therefore often asked to review various types of texts for grammatical and terminological correctness,” Holmström remarks.

The target audience of the translation must also be taken into account: when translating materials aimed at patients, one should talk about ‘high blood pressure’, but the term ‘hypertension’ should be used in translations for medical professionals.

“It's an advantage for us that we have experts in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry here at Oriola. For instance, if we have a question about terminology, we can easily consult one of our colleagues.”

Do you need help with medical translations? Don't hesitate to contact us - we are happy to help!

Lotta Holmström

Lotta Holmström

Translations Team Lead +358 40 735 4903