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Oriola is taking precautionary measures against coronavirus


Oriola is following closely the updates and instructions on coronavirus provided by the national health authorities in Finland and Sweden. Due to Oriola’s critical role in the pharmaceutical distribution chain, we are taking precautionary measures regarding coronavirus. 

Securing pharmaceutical deliveries in Finland and Sweden as well as the operations of our pharmacies in Sweden is a high priority to us. We are operating according our business continuity plans and working together with preventing measures with our partners.  

Our precautionary measures include, for examplethat all visits to our production sites and warehouses are prohibited. Business travelling is prohibited until further notice, and we have made recommendations to our employees for personal travelling as well. We have also instructed our employees on potential precautionary quarantine situations in case someone in their close family or themselves are feeling sick, for example. 

Further information:

Tuula Lehto, VP, Communications and Sustainability, tel. +358 40 5885 343, email.