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Smaller transport boxes, smarter deliveries


One of Oriola’s long-term sustainability goals is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. To achieve this goal, we are systematically working to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations. In our logistics operations, key areas include recycling of packaging materials, improving energy efficiency and decreasing transport emissions.

Transport is our largest source of indirect emissions. We are continuously seeking ways to decrease transport emissions together with our transport partners. Additionally, we can affect transport emissions by improving the filling rate of transport boxes, among other things.

One example of these initiatives is, that in April we started using also smaller transport boxes in our distribution centre in Enköping, Sweden. The smaller transport boxes, so-called half totes, are suitable for customer orders that include fewer products. The height of the smaller transport boxes is lower compared to regular ones, but both boxes can be stacked on top of each other.

In practise, boxes demand less space in the transport vehicles. Therefore, in the long run, our transport partners can optimise the fleet’s capacity and use smaller vehicles, creating less emissions.

The smaller transport boxes are also an important improvement from our customers' perspective. Many of our pharmacy customers have limited facilities to unload and store products, and smaller transport boxes save space. This is a good example of how efficient capacity usage in transport not only cuts emissions, but improves customer experience and creates savings as well,” says Stefan Nilsson, site manager at Enköping distribution centre.