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Aiming for a higher compliance? Offer an extra layer to the treatment with a patient support program


It is generally known that compliance is often high at the beginning of a new treatment but decreases along the way. Low compliance can be a result of both clinical and psychological factors. With individual support and guidance, a patient’s needs can be answered which will result in a higher compliance rate and a better treatment outcome.

When a specific treatment is initiated, patients must receive the support they need to follow the treatment plan. Patient support programs offer an excellent way to do this, including a wide range of different initiatives that help patients and increase their adherence at the same time.

“Patient support services can be thought of as extra layers to the treatment that can be built from simple to more advanced actions. The versatile concepts of the support make it possible to tailor the support according to the need and this way bring optimal value for the patient, caregivers and the pharmaceutical company initiating the extra support,” says Jennie Tjernström, Key Account Manager at Oriola.

Patient support services in all Nordic countries with tailormade concepts

As the leading patient support program service provider in the Nordics, Oriola handles more than 15,000 patient cases per year. The content of these cases varies according the need and country-specific legislation. Service can include:

  • Information concepts in different shapes and forms
  • Support via digital tools, phone calls or text messages
  • In Sweden, our mobile nurses meet patients in their everyday lives to support treatment and how to live with their disease in their everyday life.

Through Oriola’s Kronans Apotek in Sweden and research pharmacy network in Finland, patients can be recruited to the support programs when they come to a pharmacy to collect their prescriptions.

“After the successful launch of a patient support program, it is important to continuously monitor, learn and refine patient support services as there is an incredible amount to learn from the patients’ experiences – including why they may consider discontinuing the treatment”, notes Jennie Tjernström.

We would be happy to discuss with you and together find individual solutions to support your patients with the aim to contribute to an improved adherence.