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HANTI – an invaluable asset for tendering procedures in hospital districts


Tendering of medicinal products for hospital districts offers pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to succeed in the Finnish healthcare market. However, the process requires time and resources. Oriola’s unique HANTI procurement decision database is an invaluable asset to efficiently follow-up and analyse hospitals’ procurement decisions.

Hospital districts’ procurement decisions can be five or six hundred pages long PDF files, and it is difficult to extract the information for analyses. HANTI, Oriola’s procurement decision database, was developed to solve this challenge: it is a digital tool that can be used to easily and efficiently monitor and analyse procurement decisions.

Recently, Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) published the procurement decision for agreement period 1st April 2021 – 30th March 2024. The decision is already available in HANTI for the companies that are litigant to it. The competitive tendering for the Helsinki University Hospital district (HUS), Tampere University Hospital district (TAYS) and Turku University Hospital district (TYKS) will follow as their tender requests are published approximately in February 2021.

HANTI supports strategic decision-making

With the help of HANTI database, it is possible to comprehensively analyse medicinal products that are involved in procurement decisions. In addition, HANTI makes it easier to analyse strategic guidelines of one´s own and other companies’ that have in recent years taken part in the hospital tenders. This way, it strongly supports strategic decision-making for the next major bidding rounds.

“HANTI is an invaluable tool that brings value to our customers by saving time and resources”, says Raisa Keltanen, Head of Market and Hospital Access at Oriola.

HANTI procurement decision database:

  • a digital tool to monitor and analyse procurement decisions of hospital districts
  • available in Finnish or English.
  • an easy and fast tool to find information e.g. in stock out situation
  • can be used as an information source to support strategic decisions
  • a browser user interface works anywhere and any time

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Raisa Keltanen

Raisa Keltanen

Head of Market and Hospital Access +358 40 843 3334