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Oriola’s pharmacies in Sweden will soon vaccinate people against COVID-19 in three regions


Oriola’s Kronans Apotek pharmacy chain has agreed to help three regions in Sweden to administer COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccinations started in Västra Götaland this week, and Skåne and Dalarna will soon follow. In the first phase, Kronans Apotek has the capacity to vaccinate a total of around 11,400 residents weekly in these regions. This week, Kronans Apotek also further expanded its COVID-19 related services by launching self-tests to detect an ongoing COVID-19 infection.

In Västra Götaland, vaccination will be given in around 20 pharmacies. Skåne will follow at the end of May, and Dalarna in June, and the vaccines will be initially available in three pharmacies in both regions. The service is provided together with MediCheck, a Swedish private medical centre, whose nurses will carry out the vaccinations.

“In total, we have the capacity to help with vaccinating around 11,400 people weekly in these regions in the first phase. I’m very happy we can support healthcare in this important task, and speed up the vaccinations from our part so that society and people can hopefully soon start getting back to normal. However, all of us will still have to be careful to prevent the virus from spreading. To support early detection and increase people’s easy access to testing, this week we launched self-tests for ongoing COVID-19 infection,” says Anders Torell, Vice President of Business Area Consumer at Oriola.

Quick home test can give the result in only 10 minutes

Kronans Apotek offers two self-tests, which are available in all pharmacies and our online shop, as well as for company customers. One of the tests is the so-called quick antigen test which gives a result within 10 to 30 minutes; the other is a PCR test that is sent to a laboratory for analysis and the result comes within 1-2 days. The tests are CE marked and comply with the high quality requirements of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

During the pandemic, Kronans Apotek has quickly expanded its services to support people and society in the new situation. For example, pharmacies have done antibody tests since spring 2020, and around 100,000 people have been tested. Earlier in spring 2021, rapid antigen tests were launched in pharmacies to help detect an ongoing infection and to offer health certificates to people with negative test results.