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The planned merger of Kronans Apotek and Apoteksgruppen is progressing

The planned merger of pharmacy operations of Oriola and Euroapotheca in Sweden is expected to be completed in the beginning of October. The operating model for the joint venture has been set and a management team for the new company has been nominated.


As announced on 9 February, Oriola and Euroapotheca have signed a framework merger agreement for combining the respective pharmacy businesses Kronans Apotek and Apoteksgruppen into a new company in Sweden. The planned merger was approved by the Swedish Competition Authority on 30 June.

A management team for the new company has been nominated, and it will assume its duties when the merger is completed. As earlier announced, Erik Sjögren, the current CEO of Apoteksgruppen, will assume his role as CEO of the new company.

Roles and responsibilities of the nominated management team:

  • Erik Sjögren, CEO, currently CEO at Apoteksgruppen
  • Jenny Rådeström, Assortment and Purchasing Director, currently in a similar position at Kronans Apotek
  • Sofie Almqvist, HR Director, currently in a similar position at Apoteksgruppen
  • Nina Wyholt Gradin, Sales and Operations Director Physical Trade, currently responsible for sales and operations at Apoteksgruppen
  • Erik Romell, Finance Director, currently Finance Director at Apoteksgruppen
  • Karin Pesula, Quality and Sustainability Director, currently Quality Director for Kronans Apotek
  • Lina Hasic, E-commerce Director, currently involved in the digital transformation at Kronans Apotek
  • Jurgis Rudgalvis, Integration Director, currently CFO of Euroapotheca and a key person in the merger
  • Marketing Director is expected to be appointed later