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Changes in Oriola’s Group Management Team


Oriola Corporation Stock Exchange Release 20 July 2021 at 9.00 a.m.

Changes in Oriola’s Group Management Team

Oriola Corporation’s Vice President, Human Resources and member of the Group Management Team, Teija Silver, has resigned to pursue new challenges outside Oriola.

Elina Niemelä, Ph.D. HR mgmt (b. 1978), has been appointed Vice President, People and Transformation of Oriola Corporation as of 9 August 2021. Niemelä has more than 15 years of experience in corporate leadership and consulting roles in various international companies such as Purmo Group, Outotec Corporation and PwC. She has an extensive experience from driving operational excellence, delivering sustainable change, and developing talent and organisations.

"I take the opportunity to thank Teija for her long-term commitment in leading Oriola’s human resources. I wish her all the best in her future challenges. Also, I warmly welcome Elina Niemelä to Oriola. Elina has extensive experience in people leadership and transformation which will be essential in Oriola’s journey forward," says Juko Hakala, President and CEO of Oriola.

Elina Niemelä has also been appointed Group Management Team member as of 9 August.

Additionally, Antti Elevuori, Oriola’s interim CFO as of 1 August, has been appointed Group Management Team member as of 9 August. Elevuori’s appointment as interim CFO was announced through a stock exchange release on 17 June 2021.


Oriola's Group Management Team as of 9 August 2021:

-   Markula Elisa, President and CEO
-   Elevuori Antti, interim CFO
-   Gabrielson Katarina, Vice President, Business Area Retail
-   Pamp Fredrik, Vice President, Business Area Pharma
-   Torell Anders, Vice President, Business Area Consumer
-   Kariniemi Anne, Vice President, Operations
-   Lehto Tuula, Vice President, Communications and Sustainability
-   Niemelä Elina, Vice President, People & Transformation
-   Nyström Charlotta, CIO
-   Sandström Petter, General Counsel


Oriola Corporation
Juko Hakala
President and CEO


CV – Elina Niemelä
Born 1978
Ph.D HR management
Finnish citizen

Primary career

2018-2021 Purmo Group, VP Corporate Development and BU Head, Hydronic Controls
2017-2018 Russell Reynolds Associates, Consultant
2012-2017 Outotec Corporation, in various roles such as VP, Global Head of Spare Parts, and Services Business Development
In addition to these, many HR consultancy related positions from the year 2006 such as Manager, People & Change Consulting at PwC and Senior Manager, Human Capital Advisory at E&Y.

Further information:

Juko Hakala
President and CEO
Tel. +358 10 429 2109

Tuula Lehto
VP, Communications and Sustainability
Tel. +358 40 5885 343

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