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Real world evidence studies at the pharmacy

Pharmacies play a key role in gathering information from patients about their medical treatment. Surveys also provide up-to-date information on for example the patient's quality of life and health behaviour.

Already every fourth pharmacy in Finland belongs to our internationally unique research pharmacy network. Together with the research pharmacies, each year we carry out several significant studies of different therapeutic areas. Research pharmacies receive a reward for their work.

Taking part in the studies increases the professional competence of the pharmacy’s staff. This motivating work is socially significant and supports the wellbeing of the pharmacy's customers. Pharmacists’ expertise becomes even more visible through the research work.

Research benefiting the patient

Good patient care is at the heart of the Real World Evidence studies. The results also benefit the entire healthcare value chain. The pharmacy's customers, patients, are motivated to participate in the development of pharmacotherapy for their illness and to contribute to a common goal. When approached about the studies and served even more personally, customers are keen to commit to an experienced research pharmacy.

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