Environmental management

We aim continuously to develop our business in an environmentally sustainable way and to minimise our operations’ environmental impact. Oriola’s Environmental policy outlines this commitment and steers decision-making.

Through systematic environmental management, we ensure progression towards our goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2030. Our environmental work is based on the ISO 14 001 framework for environmental management, which, as part of Oriola’s common management system, creates consistent ways of working for the entire company. Our environmental management is based on a cycle where we assess the environmental impacts of our business, address the relevant environmental risks, set ambitious environmental targets, and plan and carry out actions, monitor our performance and seek improvement opportunities. Within this process, we are also working closely with our partners and suppliers to minimise our environmental impacts, for example in transport.

In Sweden, our functions Oriola Sweden AB and Svensk Dos AB have been certified according to the ISO 14 001 environmental management standard. In Finland, we have the certification for Oriola Corporation and Oriola Finland.