People management

Oriola’s Sustainable people journey guides our work in employee engagement and wellbeing at work, directing us towards our goal: to provide a fair workplace, where we do things together based on shared values. The Sustainable people journey is driven by four focus areas: modern people services, well-functioning organisation, enabling leaders, and capable people.

As Oriola is undergoing a major transformation and our business environment is rapidly changing, our people management is focusing on developing both organisational and individual capabilities that enable successful transformation. In 2022, we focused heavily on strengthening the existing organisation and revisiting the organisational structure and individual roles. The work has been carried out as a dynamic organisational planning, where individual roles and organisational needs are assessed continuously. We also continue to evaluate the areas where new competences are needed. During the year, we updated our performance management, onboarding processes and job architecture.

Based on an employee satisfaction survey conducted in 2022 and subsequent workshops, we have defined a two-year People plan, which examines our success and improvement areas and sets the tone for future development our employee engagement and employee experience.

As an employer, promoting equality is one of the key priorities for us. We annually conduct a salary review to ensure that there are no unexplained pay gaps. We emphasise operational excellence, high performance, and recognition for outstanding results throughout the organisation.